"We have referred several customers to Jewel for photo retouching & restoration work, and they were all very pleased with the results." ~ Penilee Burns, Light-Works, Inc.

ReviveArchive utilizes superior manual techniques to transform your cherished photos into heirloom-quality archival prints. Our work is done digitally and manually without chemicals or any other substances that will hurt your invaluable images. All of the restoration work is done at our studio in Vermont. Our artistic craftsmanship provides you with the highest quality prints possible. Our work is not outsourced or sent out overseas to firms that most often work with high turnover that sacrifices quality for profit. The quality of work may be compromised in a shop where volume and mass production are the norm. ReviveArchive is dedicated to excellence and craftsmanship—we know that your precious photos deserve nothing less than work that is executed by people who provide the highest artisan craftsmanship possible. We employ manual custom techniques that assure greater control over the entire project. Our restoration is done at the pixel level – this assures optimum results. With our many years of experience, superior attention to detail, and unsurpassed artistry, you are assured a priceless heirloom treasure for your family—why settle for anything less?

"Jewel Feldman has been tremendously valuable to me on several projects. She has an excellent range
of Photoshop skills from scanning transparencies to altering photographs to making client-supplied art usable for printing. Jewel's turn-around time has been good and her rates are always fair."

~ Andrea Gray, Book Designer

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